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Which Brand of Dog Food???

The food that we are using to feed our dogs and puppies is Life's Abundance Healthy Dog Food.  The dogs LOVE it!!!  We only recommend using an adult formula, not a puppy formula, should you choose to use a different brand.  Slightly less calcium is actually better for them, as their hips and joints will grow at a slower, more even pace.  Growing too fast can cause hip problems, that no one wants, especially your dog.  You may obtain more info on this excellent food by visiting their website, Life's Abundance Healthy Dog Food.   If you have questions about any of our dogs or puppies, please let me know.  Both now or after you have adopted your new bundle of joy!  We're always available to answer questions.  Thanks, Lisa (763) 390-0539.  Or email Info@OurLovableLabs.com.

We now offer a life guarantee if you continue feeding your dog Life's Abundance Healthy Dog Food.
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Needed Supplies

Of course you'll need to purchase food and water dishes, stainless steel is what is best and highly recommended.  You'll also need to have a collar and leash for your new puppy.  One that's about 12"-16" inches should work well.  Your new puppy will need lots of chew toys, a variety is best so he/she doesn't get bored.  Keeping a basket where the puppy can get it helps in preventing chewing of other objects such as cords and table legs....  The love toys that are soft, like animal type toys with squeakers!  Also some Kong (type) chew toys are great when they're teething.  Most pet supply stores carry dog toys as well as from Amazon, etc.  Dog beds at this age are not recommended as they will likely chew them up when they get a bit older, we recommend using old towels or blankets until the puppy is older.

Airplane-Approved Travel Crates  (Needed if you will be flying home with your new puppy in the cab of an airplane.)


Indoor Crates

A Large or Extra Large Pet Crate is what we recommend.  Your dog may prefer a wire crate, we really like them better as well, as your dog can see you better, and you can see him better.  I think they feel less lonely when they can see you.
However, the wire ones are NOT airline approved, so be aware of that.  But your dog will be able to see you better and likely feel more comfortable.
No matter which type you choose, make sure it has the following:

  • Superior ventilation on all sides
  • Large: 36" x 24" x 27", holds up to 70 lb. dog for a small to medium sized female OR
  • X-Large: 42" x 27" x 30", holds up to 100 lb. dog for a larger female or male.

  • There are wired crates that have dividers in them that will "grow" with your puppy and makes it easier to house-train.  If you purchase one without the dividers, I recommend that you place a "Rubbermaid" type container in the back to make it smaller while house-training.  If their sleeping area is too large before being fully trained, they'll often go potty in one corner and sleep in the other.  You want their sleeping area just large enough so they may stand, turn around, sit and lay down comfortably.  Too much space will only prolong the house-training.  After your puppy is fully trained, he/she may have the full crate if you desire.
    Price: $60-$80 Depending on type and where purchased. Mills Fleet Farm or Dog.com is where we recommend purchasing from.

    Quite often people ask me where the best place is to buy various items needed for their new puppy.  One of the best places we've found, and where we purchase a lot of the supplies that we need to care for our dogs and puppies is Mills Fleet Farm.  If you are in the Mid-West, there are many locations in this area that you may visit, but if not you may visit their website and still purchase items from them at reasonable prices.  Another place we recommend is Revival Animal Health.  This is where we, as well as most other breeders, purchase our needed medications and vaccinations.  However they have a wide variety of pet and other animal supplies and you do not need to be a breeder to purchase supplies from them.  Many items that you would buy from your vet's office you can actually purchase from Revival at a much lower price.  They now also carry prescription items too.  If you do decide to purchase from Revival, please mention that we referred you!

    We are still in the process of compiling this list for you......
    Here are some products that we use, or have used in the past, that we recommend.  These are not for sale from us, or through us, but if they have a link, you may be able to purchase them online from another vendor.  No, we do not receive any kick-backs, we just believe in these items for your dog.  Some will make him/her happier, others will make YOU happier!!  Ha ha....

    Dog 2

    You may purchase this type of seatbelt harness from various places online and in many pet stores.  We recommend the large (typical full grown Lab size). 
    This is a GREAT car harness that "plugs" right into your car's male seatbelt part.  You may leave it snapped into the seatbelt and unclip it to use a leash with the harness to go for walks, etc.

      We use one of these, and they are WONDERFUL!!!  These are available from most pet stores and online from various sellers and from Amazon.com.  They now also make rechargeable collar receivers so no more batteries to replace!