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Just our opinion....

People often ask and wonder why it's important to buy a purebred, pedigreed dog.  Actually there are many reasons why it's often better for a family, rather than just adopting a mixed breed dog.  With a mixed breed dog or puppy, you are opening the possibility of your dog inheriting genetic disorders that are not only common in one breed, but for both breeds.  And not only disorders, but personality traits.  For instance, a Golden-doodle who is half Golden Retriever, half Poodle, may take on the personality traits of the Golden Retriever, which is what the breeders' desire, but there is no guarantee of this.  They may also take after the Poodle, which most of us know they are not always the "nicest" dogs.  They tend to be "One-person-dogs", meaning they favor only one person in the family and put themselves above all the other family members, often biting or nipping the children.  Poodles also have a tendency to bark at anything and everything--as most people know.  The main reason for combining a dog such as these, is to get a dog with the personality of a Golder Retriever but be non-shedding like a Poodle.  You'd have to decide for yourself if risking the potential of genetic defects from both breeds out weighs a little dog hair around the house, remembering that the particular puppy you get could also take after the Poodle in personality, and the GR in the tendency to shed.  You just never know.  

Another reason to stick with a dog with a pedigree, especially when there are at least one or two champions in their lines, is so you know that not only is your dog a purebred, but one that has been bred to "quality", sticking as closely as possible to the breed standard.  The Labrador Retriever parent club, The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. is the organization that determines what the breed standard is for a Labrador Retriever, not the AKC.  You may view the Labrador Retriever Breed Standard on their website HERE.

Here at Our Lovable Labs, we try to stick as closely as possible to the breed standard and strive to produce puppies that also fit within the breed standard guidelines.  Of course occasionally puppies will grow larger or stay smaller than the standard.  However, it's extremely unlikely that any of our puppies will ever be 130 pounds, so if an enormous dog is what you are desiring, we won't be able to provide that.  Another type of puppy that we, and most breeders of yellow labs occasionally have available is what is referred to as a "Dudley".  Dudleys are simply yellow Labs with the pigment of a chocolate Lab.  Meaning that he/she will have blue-green eyes and a liver or pinkish nose.  They generally have light colored pad on their paws and do not have the black outline around their eyes.  While this is not the standard, and can not be entered into AKC confirmation shows, they pose no additional health threats and make excellent pets.  Dudley pups can be produced even when breeding two breed standard parents, if they both have chocolate in their backgrounds.  I.e., two yellow parents that both have a chocolate in their lines may produce a Dudley puppy, even if they both have the traditional black points themselves.

Final thoughts, one of the best things about having a quality purebred Labrador Retriever is to be the envy of the neighborhood--tee hee.  As you walk your dog down the street, expect people to stop you and tell you how beautiful your dog is and likely ask you where you got such a wonderful one.  And of course you'll be very proud to tell them from Our Lovable Labs in Georgia!!!  We've received a good share of clients this way.  Word of mouth is truly the best advertising, so thank you.